Sheena (sheena2004) wrote in weightlossjourn,

Fast food and trying to lose weight?

Today is New Year's Eve and yes my New Year's resolution is to lose more weight. But I am also going to Pizza Hut for lunch with my sister. How do I dine at Pizza Hut and still lose weight? I do so by making sure I plan to eat right, or at least okay. They do have a salad bar, but today I want pizza. So I have decided that when I go there I will only get and eat a "Personal Pan" pizza which has about 600 calories (according to food count books/online resources). Right now I am on a 1800-1600 calorie a day diet. So this would be about 1/3 of my daily caloric need and fits right in as a 1/3 of my 3 daily meals. The fat content is not that great, but I have decided to adjust for this by eat a very low- fat breakfast (whole wheat bread, egg whites) and by eating a low fat dinner (haven't decided what yet). So, what do you eat when you know you will be going to a fast food place for lucnh, dinner? Any low-fat, lower-calorie finds?
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