Laila (laila2004) wrote in weightlossjourn,

I would like to share some tips...

I think these are some good tips to obtain healthy weight loss:

1.) Never eat less than 1200 calories a day. You will screw up your body's metabolism will you eat too *little*.

2.) Walking is a great exercise. You can go window shopping at the mall and burn a lot more calories than just sitting and watching tv.

3.) Don't hate yourself because you are overweight. Love yourself and lose weight for *you*.

4.) Always have healthy food with you in case you get hungry while you are out. A healthy granola bar can easily be kept in your pocket in case you get hungry.

5.) Stop binging! Binges when you are feeling sad, bored, angry, etc. will ruin your good eating efforts. Do anything to distract yourself from overeating- put on the radio and dance, get out the house and go for a walk or a drive. Maybe pick up something healthy to eat while you are out. Go to the video store and get a funny movie, jump in the tub and take a shower, go paint your nails, just anything to get away from the temptation of a binge!

I hope these help. :)
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