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Today's thoughts on scales...

I recently bought a Weight Watchers scale from Sears at my local mall. This scale measures your weight by 0.1 pounds increments and costs $44.99. So for about $45 I can find out if I weight 200 pounds or 199.9 pounds. Does it make a difference, should it? Will owning and using a scale like this make one obsessive about every fraction of a pound they weigh or have to lose? What do you think? I think becoming obsessed with the numbers on a scale can make you get dissappointed if the numbers don't move fast enough. Afterall, it took me 5 years to lose 50 pounds. I handeled the "scale issue" by weighing myself every few days, not every single day. What are your thoughts?
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just passing through...but i really don't think it's unhealthy to buy this scale. i would. i would think it to be a bit comforting...i don't know why. but i just think that sometimes, its okay to be obsessive.
Thank you for the comments. Feel free to post any time.
I was just looking around LJ and found your new community. So I joined. Hi!
Anyway, the scale issue. Sometimes those fractions of a pound help people feel like they're actually doing something. But you seem like it's just a feature that's wasted on you, which I think is good. Personally, I'm doing good with my little blue scale shaped like a fish with the dial that just goes round and round til it stops on whatever number will remind me that I should have had baked, not fried, last night. :)
Good luck with your weightloss journey! I do a lot of reading about nutrition and weight loss and stuff, so if I come across anything interesting (or motivational), I'll be sure to post. :)
Thank you for the input and the offer. I just feel as long as the numbers or dial on a scale is moving downward, no matter how slowly, it is a good thing for motivation. :)