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woohoo....1 hour 40 min workout on the treadmill at the fastest speed/duration I have gone and NO BLISTERS!! *kisses $80. shoes* I hate to admit but I can run faster and longer with good shoes. I just hope they last awhile. I will buy them again but would really like them to last longer then 3-4 months. I tried on about 20 pairs and I liked the New Balance ones but they didnt have any in my size. The ones they did have had a seam across the toe which didnt seem like a good idea. The Nike ones I bought have NO seams anywhere near the toes. They are some fancy smancy running shoe that look relaly dorky. I told drew I would hate to spend 80.00 on shoes that I wouldnt be seen in outside other then to walk or jog in. He convinced me to buy them. I am glad he did. My feet do not hurt at all!! However since I could jog at a faster pace for longer now my legs burn! But that is a good thing I think.

I am trying to decide if I want to work out 60 min 6 days a week or do the 1 hour 40 min 4 days a week. Any ideas on which is better??

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